2021 Taiwan PASIWALI School Tidbits

2021 Taiwan PASIWALI 合輯



PASIWALI, which sounds like Basiwali in Amis, means going to the east, where the sun rises. Eastern Taiwan is the home to several aboriginal tribes. It is our hope that through Taiwan PASIWALI music talent camps, more young stars will introduce Taiwanese music to the world.

The concept for the 2021 camp was in line with the theme of the 2021 music festival “Landing East”, which focused more on caring for the hometown. Students were asked to create an Amis song “PASIWALI” (Sunrise in the East) with their own interpretation of a homecoming child’s love for the land of the rising sun.

The 2021 talent camp invited renowned musicians to serve as mentors: High Tide, Minco Lu, Suana Emuy Cilangasay, Liaw Keshao and Vikun Ruljadeng. Each mentor led three groups of students through three months of intensive training, where students learned to find their creative directions while building a solid foundation. In addition to this year's students, many previous students have successfully started their careers in the music industry.

The album collects ten live recorded songs from the PASIWALI competition, where the bands passionately jammed up a unique fusion of indigenous music, ancient tunes, folk, rock, Latin, jazz and R&B to celebrate Taiwanese aboriginal music.

【2021 PASIWALI award winners】

2019 PASIWALI_Pacak Palasasav (mentors: High Tide)
2021 PASIWALI award _Naau E’ucna( mentors: High Tide)
2021 PASIWALI Special Jury Prize_KaNiT( mentors: Minco Lu)

1 日出的東方pasiwali_______呂成豐 buljaljuyan maljaljavus
2 why哈嗨_______ LIT HOW
3 she’s mine _______歐濱.俄斯恩 opingoseng
4 女人 Binanau-az ______阿布絲 Abus
5 不能這樣 Nakuya Matazua ______巴查克 Pacak Palasasav
6 孤巴察峨 Gubatsaeh _________ Focus樂團
7 南灣的姑娘 Mararas Girl ______陳子淳 Suyum Weli
8 成為 Wanna Be _____卡尼特 KaNiT
9 你的爸爸是誰? sia na amo su? _______娜塢悟吉納 Naau E‘ucna
10 房間的光 The Sunlight _______洪瑞霞 Axia

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