2019 Taiwan PASIWALI School Tidbits

2019 Taiwan PASIWALI 合輯



PASIWALI, which sounds like Basiwali in Amis, means going to the east, where the sun rises. Eastern Taiwan is the home to several aboriginal tribes. It is our hope that through Taiwan PASIWALI music talent camps, more young stars will introduce Taiwanese music to the world.

Since 2018, the Council of Indigenous Peoples has organized a series of Pasiwali projects, which include talent training, international music festivals, record exhibitions, film festivals, album recording and MV productions. The purpose of the projects is to increase the visibility and dynamism of Taiwan's aboriginal music. In 2019, the camp invited several professional musicians as mentors, who are Abao, Chalaw Pasiwali, Gideon Su, High Tide and Musa. Each mentor led three groups of students through two months of intensive training, where students learned to find their creative directions while building a solid foundation. In addition to this year's students, many previous students have successfully started their careers in the music industry.

The album collects ten live-recorded songs from the PASIWALI competition, six of which were created by students from the camp while four were from recruited bands. The PASIWALI Music Festival was held live on a large stage, where the bands passionately jammed up songs with a unique fusion of indigenous music, ancient tunes, folk, rock, Latin, jazz and R&B elements to celebrate Taiwanese aboriginal music.

【2019 PASIWALI award winners】
2019 PASIWALI _杜彥鵬 (mentors: High Tide)
2019 PASIWALI awards _東南美樂團(mentors:Abao)


1 蕾蕾_______赤族 Archetype
2 回到故鄉_______三十而立
3 喜歡痛 Marasahasahar rapi _______南美灣 nangmeiwan
4 我以為這是我的夢 Dream______斯馬里奧 Ssu Ma Li-ao
5 放輕鬆______2.0樂團
6 勇士舞_________Lrabaiso
7 保力達______Give me a 賴打
8 格勒格的歌 / kereker _____東南美樂團
9 邦查 Pangcah _______S’U 莎奈與舞賽
10 Maleveleve_______杜彥鵬 Pupunu

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